What We Do

TSN what we do

We craft original brand stories to drive audience attention and active engagement.

We help consumer brands find their unique personality by developing their original story narrative in a way that consumers will find compelling, authentic, memorable and wanting to know “What’s next?”

Total Story Now is a creative ideation studio. We do this on behalf of brands, marketing agencies, small and medium sized companies, franchisors, marketing networks, consumer-centric companies, marketing professionals and inspiring, celebrated personalities. You can see the results of our work through online marketing, advertising, iTV web series, social and mobile campaigns.

We developed a cinematic method for business story development and production, not unlike the film and entertainment industry, where it starts with a great story. We also have experience in bringing brands together for partnership opportunities because their respective brand personalities are mutually engaging and complimentary.

With a true customer-centric culture, we remove any perceived conflict-of-interest by working anonymously, behind the scenes, with no requirement to own the portfolio of work or for any publicity. This creates a true working relationship with our clients so that our creative talents are completely focused on their body-of-work.

Mainly, we work by Word-of-Mouth referral. Please contact us for more information and specific details.