Content Creation

TSN Creative Services

Knowing what is possible.

At Total Story Now we have developed a cinematic method to pull an active audience into your story. Like any great artist, we adapt to the subject matter and go about achieving the important emotional action and reaction from the audience.

    To achieve that goal, we need you to tell us about the backstory, from the brand’s voice to their compelling value and their insightful point-of-view.

      We also need to know everything about their target audience: their likes, their needs, their habits, their ambitions, and—most importantly—their options.

        With this information, we create a story brief that we can use to form our plan of action for your story idea, while giving due consideration to such issues as project deadlines, budgets, distribution channels, and other technical specifications.

        The journey to reaching the Always-on-Audience isn’t linear, so we create multiple layers of content for each stage of audience engagement. To that end, we ask questions of our clients to ensure that we produce the best content for them.

        The cornerstone of our content creation includes such activities as authoring website and blogging landing pages, preparing images, writing image captions, and creating a host of articles, abstracts, and graphics to support the total story.

        We also provide:

      • Email communications
      • Web and TV production and distribution
      • Mobile conversations
      • Social commentaries
      • Advertising banners
      • Press releases

      Our specialty is to provide a trigger for interconnection, tapping into the audience’s navigation path to place your brand squarely in their sight.

      Our work is to create a vast network of content that will reach an active audience where ever they are online and offline.