About Us

Cinematic approach to business storytelling.

MacElgin LLC is a private company focused on the writing, directing, and production of business communications for marketing and advertising.

Through our studio Total Story Now, we offer our services to the content creation side of the marketing and advertising world. We’re here to organize and deliver audience focused content when it comes to executing a client’s creative ideas.

Our genre is business storytelling, which means pushing a brand forward from the intersection of creativity, communications, culture and technology. We focus on human-led creativity and creative-based technologies to produce brand stories for online publishing, syndication and distribution.

The team at Total Story Now help people embrace the art of storytelling to attract and grow their audience.

We have a cinematic method to our work – to attract an always-on audience regardless of the screen size or viewing location. It starts with your story and our ability to capture part or all of it in the form of web pages, profit pages, blogs, email, iTV webisodes, display banners or info-graphics.

Who We Are

Christine Owens
President, Creative Services

Christine oversees the whole process of story discovery, development and creative execution. She is a co-founder of MacElgin LLC, Total Story Now, and Liquidbrief.com.

Christine (C.J.) has 35 years of collective experience across Australia and 8 years of experience working in the United States. She’s well-versed in such fields as graphic design—having taught the subject through the Victorian Ministry of Education (AU)—and providing corporate training in design-based technologies and the full-service production of Customer Premise Equipment technical documentation.

Furthermore, Christine has considerable experience in management and business consulting, having handled mobile and call contact centers, as well as the outsourcing of advertising services for newspapers and media corporations to India and the Philippines.

Laird Owens
General Manager

Laird is responsible for supervising all day-to-day operations, including the program office, and coordinating all group operations. He is a co-founder of MacElgin LLC, Total Story Now, and Liquidbrief.com.

Before MacElgin, Laird was active in the Southern California Aerospace Industry as a Design Engineer. He spent time at Lockheed’s “Skunk Works” helping design both piloted aircraft and Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV’s) for the U.S. Military.

He went on to work for AeroVironment Inc., again designing, fabricating, and test flying UAV’s for both commercial and military operations, including the “Pathfinder” solar/electric powered flying wing that is currently displayed at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

Laird also constructed an Experimental RV-6 kit aircraft that he continues to fly regularly and also enjoys spending time at the SCCA race tracks competing against friends with his vintage race car.