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What is a cinematic method?

We have developed a digital brand storytelling method that applies a strong attention to detail between the visual imagery and narrative.

Why is a consultation necessary?

We want to clearly understand your goals, your timeline, budgets and success measures before we capture your Brief.

Why do you quote each project?

You have exclusive needs, a unique point-of-view and brand specific aesthetics. Audiences are now hyper-local and publishing platforms have different technical specifications. It is for these reasons that we provide you with a quote.

Do we have to sign a contract?

No contracts. Month-to-Month engagement based on a Statement-of-Work. Payment is received when the quote is accepted.

What are your payment options?

We accept all major credit cards, Google Wallet, Paypal, SQUARE and Bank Wire Transfer.

Will you support a pilot project?

Yes, after we understand your needs, we will provide you with a fixed fee quote for your pilot program.

How are your advertising services different?

We treat ad design as an opportunity to tell an original brand story that is in keeping with the brand’s voice and integrated strategy to attract their target audience.

What publishing platforms do you work with?

All publishing platforms with documented specifications.

Do you supply the images?

We utilize many stock image libraries and during our interview we will discuss the imagery to support your brand story. We can buy stock images for you, or commission a photographer on your behalf, to capture original photos for your content library.

Do we own the raw files?

Yes, if this is a requirement. We will understand this need during your initial consultation and quote accordingly.

Who owns the authored content?

You do. We are “for hire” and considered ghost-writers.

How do you ensure that content does not start to read the same for different clients from the same industry and/or location?

It starts with the story structure. Every person is unique with a specific editorial voice, tone, perspective and opinion. Our expertise is in capturing and writing your particular story, in your voice, for web pages, blogs, articles, white papers, social commentaries, press releases and case studies.

With so many designers in the world what do you do differently?

It starts with the story structure and determining where the creative elements fit within the storyline. Our expertise is telling your story in visual format – eBooks, infographics, datagraphics, landing pages, social medial backgrounds and animations.

Who owns the creative content?

You do. We are “for hire”.

Is iTV web regular website video for businesses or events?

No. We take a cinematic approach. We want to document and express your business story in webisodes for sponsorships, product placement, distribution and syndication.

Are the webisodes published to my website, YouTube and other Channels?

Yes. Your video series will be distributed and syndicated for audience development and growth.

What is transmedia storytelling?

Transmedia storytelling is the art of crafting stories that can be told across multiple platforms and through different publishers. The goal is to engage an audience in a way that they would prefer and in a format that most platforms would find acceptable.

What are revenue-generating stories?

A revenue-generating story is a campaign measured over a smaller time frame (e.g., over the course of 3 months), so that we can measure its results by immediate revenue and product sales.

What are sales stories?

A sales story is a fast and tactically-placed narrative designed to target an audience with a strong call-to-action. These stories consist of different content types and formats, allowing you to mix and match them for each stage of the audience engagement journey.

What are brand-building stories?

A brand-building story is a long-term narrative that uses an emotional and creative appeal to reach a broad audience. Through a set format and scheduled content calendar, we measure the brand’s equity and market differentiation across platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and various blogs.

What is Systems Thinking?

Through the lens of Systems Thinking, we look at how everything in integrated, particularly when it comes to media, digital technology, and human creativity. By looking at your environment in terms of relationships, we look for collaborations that can help us grow your brand’s story. We take a lens on the brand and then swing it to look through the eyes of the audience.

What is a Persona?

A persona is the identity we represent to the world. In terms of story development, we use a customer’s persona—measured by their goals, motivations, and interests—to build the framework and story structure.

What is the Voice of the Customer?

The Voice of the Customer (VOC) is a Six Sigma process that we use to capture customer requirements and feedback. With this methodology, we can define the needs and wants of your target audience.

What benefits can I get from using your Studio?

Besides saving your own staff time, energy, and expenses, you’ll also have access to creative talent, virtual account management, and a custom-made strategy for content creation and development that you can rely on in the long run.

What if I already have in-house or local creative talent?

We firmly believe in collaborating with other professionals in the Creative Economy.

Can you work with our existing agency, publishers, and vendor partners?

As Systems Thinkers, we encourage collaboration throughout the marketing ecosystem. Your vendors, partners, and extended community network will be included in the development process.